There is a great feature on ESPN about question of whether the 72-win Bulls were the best team ever. Here’s an interview with Scottie Pippen. I think Pippen (one of my favorite players of all time) is absolutely right — the Bulls’ defense was the reason they were so dominant. Though I’d love to say the 95-96 team was the best all time, I’ve only seen the great teams post-1990 — so I can’t really compare them to the old Lakers, Celtics, Knicks, and others. What I CAN say is that the 72-win Bulls team is the best team I have ever seen play.

72 Win Bulls

If you’re an NBA fan, what do you think?

  • Christina Ethridge

    Hey Drew – while I don’t watch basketball, I did have an opportunity to meet Scottie Pippen. I happened to be in Las Vegas the week of the NBA Allstars. Scottie (and his wife) were staying in the same hotel my DH and I were staying in. Too funny, we were riding up the elevator and I said “So, you must be a basketball player” and he chuckled and said yes. Then a couple of other niceties were said between us. They were nice. When they got off the elevator, the 3 other men that were on said “that was Scottie Pippen”. I was like “Oh”. ROFL. I just didn’t know. Oh well. Such events are lost on people like me 😀

  • apseek

    I agree, they were the best team ever. Michael Jordan himself peaked in the 1992-1993 season. I love this era of basketball. Today, most NBA players don’t have enough respect for the game. I always find myself watching replays of MJ’s 1997 flu game performance on YouTube.

  • collegesportfanatic

    No doubt about it,
    MJ and the Jordainaires are the best team ever. Considering their talent pool, you have the most dominant player ever step foot on the basketball court, you have the supporting cast of scotty and rodman.

    That’s no the reason they are the best team though. They are the best because they went through the toughest team like pistons, knicks, blazers,jazz, and earned their 6 championship rings. Considering the pistons, u r lucky if you don’t get at least an elbow to the face once in a while. But I think the pistons is like a big stepping stone for the bulls preparing them for their destiny. After passing the pistons, I think the bulls mature and grow into the most dominant team lead by the most dominant player.