There’s been lots of news about Iran’s nuclear program recently. Here’s the latest article I found last night. When thinking about this issue, don’t forget that there ARE TWO SIDES to this story (as with every story). Please note that this post does NOT mean I am in favor of Iran having nuclear weapons — I’m not. But too many Americans take the typical “we know everything, we’re right, you’re wrong” approach without even hesitating. Don’t fall into the same trap. Think before you come to your conclusions. Try thinking about the issue from THEIR (Iran in this case) perspective for a change. Here’s an interesting analogy that might help you realize where they are coming from:

Imagine…you live on a little island that is 20 square miles with 30 other people. Though they are nice & friendly people, there are 3 people who have guns (in fact, those 3 each have multiple guns). No one else on the island is allowed to have a single gun. Yes, guns are bad and the 3 people don’t actively use the weapons against anyone — but as one of the 27 others on the island, are you going to be happy that 3 people have multiple guns and you don’t even get one? 

Nuclear weapons are something so bad that I don’t think ANYONE should have them. The US should destroy all our weapons publicly so the world knows we don’t have them anymore. Maybe then others would follow. This is not about nuclear weapons, it’s about human nature — I think you’re full of crap if you’ll tell me Americans wouldn’t feel the same way in this situation if the tables were turned.