Congrats to myspace$30 million a month in revenue is a massive number. To answer Mashable’s question — no, I’m not surprised the largest site on the net is making money. Too bad their revenue growth won’t continue forever. It’s only a matter of time before users jump off the myspace bandwagon. Long-term, I still think Facebook has the best chance of success. 10 years from now, I think Facebook will be at the level of Yahoo! while Myspace flops. Who knows, perhaps that opinion is just because I despise myspace though.

  • I think when MySpace gets a good team of developers behind them, the site will start to look better, it’ll be more efficient and generally, a better experience.

    Heck, I’d work for them and clean it up…

  • Drew Meyers

    What do you think they need to create a better experience?? Personally, I think facebook is so far in front of myspace in terms of UI & usefulness that it’s not even funny.

  • Well, if you have a look at the myspace source code for personal pages – it’s a nightmare to modify. They also do rather annoying things like automatically cutting out the word “style” in messages or # in your edit profile boxes so your design has to be class based and no ID’s. Typical pages have up over 200 errors in FireFox’s HTML Validator – and that’s just the original source without modification.

    In terms of “better experience” as well, you’ll notice if you browse for 5 minutes or so on the site, you’ll start getting “unexpected error”s (they can’t all be unexpected), when trying to post comments or messages – so you click back to repost your message. At this point, Internet Explorer wipes your message area clean, FireFox keeps it in there but the submit button is disabled anyway so you can’t re-post. No other site gets these unexpected errors so much, so they need tighten up their code.

  • Just like every other internet fad, MySpace will eventually lose it’s steam (it certainly has lost my interests for the most part) and will make way for something new. It’s difficult to maintain staying power in such a constantly changing virtual world. But hey, I’d take the temporal monthly revenue, however short lived!

  • i lost 14 bucks on them and google adwords when advertising for my site

    my day budget was 3, but they charged me 14. dont know why