I seriously don’t get it – why the hell do people put pure marketing pitches in the comments on blogs? Check this comment that I just got on my “How Can Social Networks become Truly Useful” post I wrote back in August:

A good social networking site for a niche market such as golf would be: iGolf.to – Social networking

Brings golfers together for a round, promotes tee times as well as the industry as a whole. A great use of social netwkring if I have ever seen it.

The comment adds ABSOLUTELY zero value to the post. Of course, there was a link to IGolf in the comment, but I took it out of this post because Brendan doesn’t deserve a link from me for SPAMMING my blog.

Seriously, marketers who still think it’s 1980 and that “cram your message down the consumers throat” crap works — get a freakin clue. The comment is a great example of how NOT to market a company in the blogosphere.

  • The sweet revenge is that your blog, with its good page rank, will soon outrank the spam commenter’s site for searches related to what the spam commenter was advertising!