Yesterday, I watched Good Will Hunting (found it on sale at Fred Meyer Saturday) — I almost forgot what a fantastic movie it is. If you haven’t seen it, I’d highly recommend giving it a whirl. Matt Damon plays an absolutely brilliant kid in the movie, easily solving math problems that only one or two people in the world can solve. However, he was orphaned & abused as a child and is hesitant to let anyone get close to him. He ends up with Robin Williams as a psychiatrist as part of a deal to avoid serving time. In the scene below (one of the better scenes during the movie), Robin Williams points out that while Matt may be beyond brilliant, there’s still no substitute for experience. You don’t really know anything until you experience it for yourself — books can only teach you so much. And it’s extremely hard to gain experience without taking some risks.

Matt Damon and Robin Williams
Photo courtesy of Yahoo! Movies

I think the major takeaways are 1) the importance of deciding what you want in life and acting on it and 2) don’t be afraid of failure or taking a risk (not always easy, I know).

Update: Here’s the video clip on YouTube.