I don’t plan on turning this blog into a political blog, but I will mention notable events from time to time. Today, Barack Obama announced he is officially running for President in 2008. Corresponding to that announcement, Obama also launched his own social network. The social network aims to help supporters network with each other, attend events, fundraise, and blog their experiences. It’ll be very interesting to watch the level of adoption & success of the “my fundraising” feature — it seems it is aiming to simplify the process of donating (& giving more visibility to the option) for the common voter. Personally, I think it’s pretty cool to see web 2.0 being adopted by politics. I posted a video of Senator BarackObama where he says “we need to change our politics” — I hope social media can help accomplish this by giving a voice to everyone. The more information, both good and bad, in the hands of voters, the better.

As political campaigns adopt social media, the 2008 election will bring new media into the limelight — by not forgetting the influence of the internet.

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  • Your support of Obama is endearing Drew… I’ve joined MyBarackObama for political reasons as well as to experience the new political social networking machine in action.

  • Drew Meyers

    Glad you are onboard. I haven’t set up a profile yet, but will. I agree with Fred Wilson — Obama should allow me to syndicate content I write here to my blog there (once I set one up).