The blogosphere seems to be abuzz with social media conversations — and probably will remain so throughout 2007. My thought is that EVERY SINGLE business should be thinking about social media this year. It’s only the beginning and companies that jump into the fray now will have a huge leg up on the rest (PLEASE don’t be a company that does not have a corporate blog by 2008). Here’s some of the better posts that have gotten my attention (I’ve been reading up on the subject recently):

  1. UnGoogle Your Marketing with Social Media — Google is not the only method of “free” traffic anymore.
  2. Social Media Marketing, eh? Let’s See What’s in Our Bag o’ Goodies — Become visible. One key take-away is that “ultimate goal of this visibility is to have the power to influence – once you have a voice, marketing becomes a soft-sell, rather than a hard one. Also, this post lists 25 great sites to “go SMM’ing” (social media marketing). Everyone knows about Digg,, and Wikipedia, but have you heard of Shadows or Shoutwire?
  3. Want an Alternative to Google Traffic? Try Social Media Marketing (SMM) — The most detailed article I’ve come across with links to lots of relevant social media content for anyone interested.
  4. Getting a Grip on Social Media — One major point mentioned here is “immerse yourself.” That’s what it takes to really understand this social media thing.
  5. Social Media – Wish I’d Said That — This has a great quote you should take a look at.

Additionally, I just stumbled upon the NewPR Wiki. If you are a PR Professional, you should definitely take a look at this resource. There is some fantastic content — for instance, here is an in depth list of CEO Bloggers.

For those of you already participating in social media (hint — if you’re reading this blog, you are engaging in social media), where do you think a companies’ time is best spent in social media? Building relationships with several key influencers? Talking to as many people in as many different places as possible? Or somewhere in between?