Part of what inspires me to blog is bringing attention to issues not being given enough attention by the mainstream media or the government. With the rise of social media, everyone has a voice and can impact lives with only a little money or time (or both). I highly encourage you to place a quick post on YOUR blog to the Darfurwall in the hopes of spreading the word for this fantastic cause.

On the Local News tonight, I saw a short feature on the Darfurwall non-profit project focused on helping aide those affected by the genocide in Darfur and thought I’d try to help the cause. Here’s the opening headline from the article:

Jonah Burke wants you to think about two numbers: 400,000 — That’s how many people have been killed in the fighting in Sudan between Government troops and rebels. And the other number is 1. As in, $1 he’d like you to consider donating to help victims of the genocide.

The project has raised over $32,500 thus far for victims (with a goal of $400,000) in Darfur — one dollar at a time. For more information, you can check the darfur wall blog. It’s easy to donate as little as $1 — which I’m sure everyone reading this blog can afford. Let’s help Jonah reach his goal of $400,000 in donated funds.

Click one of the squares and it takes you to a page with 10,000 numbers — the highlighted numbers are the ones that have already been “lit” up with a $1 donation:

I donated $5 to light up 5 numbers on the site — please consider donating to the cause (every dollar helps).

Thanks for your help in advance — I know those suffering in Darfur will appreciate it (as will Jonah Burke). Please help spread the word.