It’s disappointing that the Seahawks season ended in overtime on a 50 yd field goal. We didn’t take advantage of some of the opportunities that we given to us — and it cost us. Our decimated secondary definitely hurt us a little bit, though Pete Hunter did grab an interception. Rex Grossman made fantastic throws when he had to in order to keep the Bears in the game and to give them an opportunity to win. It’s frustrating to see the Bears move on when I feel the Seahawks are the better team, but there’s no sense complaining. It’s all about winning — nothing else matters.

Regarding Shaun Alexander (who didn’t have a great season) — at halftime after a lack-luster 1st half, I seriously considered writing about how overpaid Shaun is, but he did have an excellent 2nd half. I still believe the Seahawks would have been better off spending the money spent on Alexander to keep Steve Hutchinson on our offensive line. Sure, an o-lineman is not as sexy as a 1,000 yard back, but backs are dependent on the offensive line to open holes. Maurice Morris showed he can hang with the big boys in Shaun’s absence this year. What happened to Priest Holmes after being a dominating back 3 years ago? 3 years from now — I’m betting Alexander will be washed up and we’ll be stuck with his contract.

I do want to say congratulations to the Seahawks for a great season. I certainly can’t bash the team for effort. I’ll be looking forward to a great season next year if we can keep our nucleus together and don’t experience the numerous injuries that plagued us this year. Perhaps (hopefully) we’ll add an offensive lineman?