Maybe I’m just rambling…but I think the answer is yes and have a business idea for some web-savy entrepreneur out there. There have been numerous aggregation sites focused on blog POSTS that have popped up over the past two years, such as Digg, Reddit, and RealEstateVoices. However, what about an aggregation site focused on BLOGS? Maybe I’m in the minority as a pretty avid blog reader, but the truly great bloggers like Guy Kawasaki and Fred Wilson tend to write great posts again and again that relate to a specific topic. Therefore, I value finding great blogs to add to my RSS reader rather than great individual blog posts (I very rarely use digg or reddit). There aren’t any great resources to help me find the best blogs in a given category (that I know about).

Take the category of Political blogs as an example. If I wanted to find a well-written political blog to start following — where would I go first? Probably Google Blog Search and do a search for political. That brings me to the screen shot below that does little to help me wade through political blogs.

Without clicking through and reading numerous political blogs, there seems to be no effective way to find blogs that others deem to be well-written & relevant. I haven’t seen a site that acts as a “TV Guide for Blogs” that includes blog reviews/ratings in every category. Many people are lazy and won’t even bother trying to find the best blogs because it seems too hard (time-consuming). There are new blog readers joining the blogosphere everyday, many of them who don’t have the patience to sort through the blogosphere’s vast content…someone help them find the good stuff. Maybe if a well known blog directory existed that served as a blog discovery mechanism, more everyday consumers would “tune-in” to blogs as a source of entertainment and/or news.

Why isn’t Technorati doing this? Or perhaps my favorite web 2 company, MyBlogLog, can do something in this space. If someone has already built a BLOG review site and I’m just not aware of it, someone please let me know.

  • What about TechMeme and Memeorandum?

  • I’m not sure about statistics, what I remember reading somewhere that 90% are personal blogs. I don’t think all people want their blog to be reviewed. Perhaps those who want could sign up and that’s they’ll review. Can you imagine someone will come into your blog and say things he/she deemed is right? Who the hell is this person anyway to talk about something perhaps with no knowledge why the blog author wrote it. For some it’s mundane, for others its worth something. Now that’s hard to quantify and for sure something that could fan intrigues controversies or blog war [?]. πŸ™‚

    On the other hand, probloggers could be in this category. Those who blog for money. Perhaps they’ll be interested if someones reviews their blog. The better the review, the more popular it becomes and perhaps more blogging money to come in. Google ranking they say on the other hand is all about popularity. So is it suffice to say they’re really great blogs content wise or they’re popular because of the links?

  • I haven’t heard of any companies doing this, although I tend to look through the blogrolls and outbound links of bloggers I already enjoy.

    If you’re looking for a great political blogger, here’s one:

  • MyBlogLog could incorporate just what you’re talking about by adding a “taglist” section for each blog. The user then can search across the tag for the most “popular” sites based on # of community members, which acts like a “page rank” based on user’s “links” to the blog.

  • Drew Meyers

    I was more gearing my idea towards bloggers that want their blogs included (probloggers as you call them). A key to any successful venture (IMO) is user control. I wouldn’t favor ratings blogs that don’t opt-in.

    I tend to agree with you – but my point is that it takes a lot of time to find all the good blogs within a category you’re interested in. Not everyone is willing to devote the time to blogs that you or I do. It’s taken me months to find all the good real estate blogs — and I STILL haven’t found them all!

    Hopefully they do. I know Eric and Scott have some cool stuff up their sleeve in 2007.

  • Drew Meyers

    Sorry your comment got stuck in moderation and I just saw it. While I don’t use the sites you mentioned, they seem to focus on one industry. I’m thinking of more of a “hub” to find relevant blogs in a variety of categories.

  • I know Drew. Stating an opinion. πŸ™‚

  • Drew Meyers

    No worries! That’s what blogging is all about! πŸ™‚

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