Published Date: December 12, 2006

In my opinion, there are two primary factors that make someone successful- passion and seizing opportunities. I believe a majority of people realize opportunities are everywhere– but only a small number of those people actually take the initiative to act on the right opportunities. Mark Cuban just blogged on a very similar subject with his “Success and Motivation: Drowning in Opportunity/Winning the Battles You Are In” post where he mentioned 3 main points:

  1. Everyone is a genius in a bullmarket
  2. Win the Battles you are in before you take on new battles
  3. You can Drown in Opportunity

I have to agree with the post 100%…it’s a great advice for entrepreneuers (especially numbers 2 & 3). I sometimes find myself focusing too much on ideas (what can I say…my mind loves to wonder with business ideas), but Cuban’s post is a good reminder that business really is all about execution. Not ideas. Yes, opportunity is everywhere–but the real key is picking the right opportunity at the right time. As much as we’d all like to start a business and do everything for everyone (and make loads of money in the process)…that approach doesn’t really work. Expansion and focus needs to be carefully thought out, which is definitely a good lesson I’ve learned from Zillow’s great management team.