I was lucky to get the opportunity to meet Teresa Valdez Klein when I attended the Blog Business Summit several months ago. So when she pinged me on IM this past week about helping raise awareness for an animal shelter started by her Aunt, I couldn’t resist. One of the great things about blogging is that you can use it as a means to raise awareness for issues that don’t get enough attention.

The North Beach P.A.W.S. shelter is a no-kill facility that rescues animals from around the Grey’s Harbor coastal region. They also provide free spay/neuter services to needy families so that they can have the joy of a pet without worrying about taking care of additional puppies or kittens. There is a fresh batch of puppies available for adoption:


People interested in adopting the puppies can call 360-289-9694. If you can’t take the puppies, but would like to make a donation to North Beach P.A.W.S. to help pay their mortgage payment, here’s the address:

North Beach P.A.W.S.
P.O. Box 962
Ocean Shores, WA 98569

Happy Holidays.

  • Thanks so much for posting about the puppies!
    We can’t thank you enough for helping to get the word out! xoxo

  • Andrea

    Those are some adorable puppies! I wish I could take one. I think it is great you are posting this on your blog, more personal.