I just came across an interesting podcast with Scott Rafer, the CEO of MyBlogLog, that contains some great insights into the company’s direction. Of couse I HAVE to mention this since it involves my favorite web 2.0 company out there. For instance, one of the more interesting pieces of information I got from it was that MBL has only 25,000 user profiles (and 38,000 registered blogs), but 4 million counted visitors per day to those 38k blogs. MBL has been getting lots of traction in the real estate industry recently-which I think is a great thing that will continue. If you think Active Rain is exploding…check this alexa chart (granted, MBL had a good head start).

Want to figure out how to put MyBlogLog Mojo on your site?? If so, take a look at this superb post at Voodoo Ventures. If you’re interested in social networking and blogging (and the combination), you’ll be glad you listened to the podcast.

  • The podcast was very interesting. Nice find Drew.

  • Glad you liked it. Though it was made for the conference I always enjoy it when people can make use of it afterwards. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yeah, Scott has been very generous with his time in interviews (I just finished one up myself: Interview With Scott Rafer, CEO of MyBlogLog: Managing Overload: How CEOs Do It).

    No doubt that this level of responsiveness has contributed to the rise and eventual buyout by Yahoo.

    Thanks for the link to the podcast…

  • Drew Meyers

    Fantastic insights. I don’t know how CEO’s maintain schedules like that…guess I’ll have to learn at some point.

  • Thanks… Not sure if there are any insights as of yet – I am doing another one of these CEO interviews and so far there’s little correlation between habits and effectiveness.

    CEO #2 seems to just do “whatever needs to be done”. Very little methodology, per se. Effective, nonetheless. Stay tuned… ๐Ÿ˜‰