Michael Arrington at Techcrunch just put up this great web 2.0 poster that I thought I’d share here. Most of the major “web 2” companies out there are featured. The poster by eBoy, and written about on Go2web2, can be bought by clicking on the image below.

What’s your favorite web 2.0 company?? Personally, I think my favorites are YouTube, Google, Yahoo, and Technorati–because those are the ones I use almost everyday (and now del.icio.us since I just signed up today).

Update: I was browsing around further and found this “Big NYC Poster” that you might want to take a look at.

  • Very cool drawing! I have always been a big fan of eboy. Anyway, one site that didn’t make the cut on the drawing was http://www.citypixel.com but if you appreciate pixel art like eboy’s then you should definitely check it out.

  • I have the same on my daily list: Google, Yahoo and Yahoo. I have de.li.cious but I never use it. 🙂