My friend just read my RSS reader post from the other day and asked me “what is RSS?” I realize there are still a fair number of people that don’t realize the benefits that RSS provides. Quite simply, RSS stands for really simple syndication. It enables you pull data (using an RSS reader) rather than data being pushed to you (the way e-mail works). How do you pull? RSS is an XML file of raw data-basically, a web site. Every time you open your reader, it pulls updated data from that site. For instance, paste this into your address bar to see what my site’s RSS feed looks like–it’s all standardized text:

If you’ve never used RSS–join the revolution! I fully believe e-mail is going to be all but replaced by RSS (RSS is already becoming mainstream). E-mail will probably always exist for one to one communication–but face it, it is a HORRIBLE tool for conversations among multiple people (at least in my opinion). We’ve already started to see a rise in internal blogging, wikis, and online forums for business collaboration. You can subscribe to content you want and cancel when you want. Nothing is stored on your computer with RSS (how often do you get a co-worker IM’ing you saying your mailbox is full??). For those RSS “newbies”, I’ve been told Bloglines is the best reader to use.

Once you have a reader, you can subscribe to content anywhere you see this logo–. Just click and subscribe…it’s that easy.

  • jamie

    that was a techie answer. not going to help the many who dont know what rss is.

  • Sometimes even understanding tech terms is RSS –Really So Stressful, especially for tech-morons like myself. Now, dont be surprised why I join tech-sites/blogs. I want to read, to know more.

    Off topic [sorry folks]:
    I want to ask you about this article on Voluntary Code for blogs.It’s in BBC News. I think those who are in the know should be talking about it. What I know is only skin-deep.

    Many thanks.

  • Drew Meyers

    Perhaps I’ll try to add an update tonight (I’m off to work at the moment).

    I didn’t find the BBC article…can you send me a link to it?