So I admit…I may suffer from blog addiction. Since the great turkey dinner I had several hours ago, I’ve been browsing around the web and reading a little bit about various non profit organizations.

  • Northwest Harvest
  • CARE
  • World Vision

  • It’s great to see that Leonardo DeCaprio has re-thought his values while filming Blood Diamond (his new movie).

    The joy and the energy and the happiness they exuded to everyone was unbelievable and it made me come back home and not want to listen to anyone’s problems. I don’t want to hear what we, as Americans, have to deal with when you’re immersed in a place like that for six months and you see the extreme levels of what they have to deal with

    Here’s the trailer for Blood Diamond (which looks really good):

    I found this interesting video on a post on the Nonprofit Blog Exchange. The video is interviews with leaders of the Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference

    Hope you had a great thanksgiving–if you’re reading this, feel very thankful for everything you have. When you find yourself THINKING you have reason to complain during the holiday season–please watch the following video and reconsider (sorry for the video overload!!)