Sorry for another short post with little insight, but Fred Wilson keeps cranking out great posts–the latest is titled “Connectors.” Fred  mentions that connections are key to the VC industry (weird). However, the interesting part of the post is the effect blogging has had on his ability to network and connect people–he says blogging “has surpassed my expectations by an order of magnitude.” To me–it’s a no-brainer. E-mail & phone calls are used to communicate to one person. Blogging is something that can reach a massive audience while still enabling conversation.
It seems to me that connectors without blogs would likely see similar results (increase in beneficial connections) if they started blogging. Afterall, they already have a decent sized group of interested readers.

  • I’m naturally introverted and shy (though becoming much less so as I age) and to be honest phone calls quickly drain me. Blogging enables all that “quiet me” to be bypassed and contact anyone that I come across – and it energizes me as well. RE 2.0 is as much about an internal shift as external.

  • Drew Meyers

    Thanks for dropping by–you’re not alone in being a bit introverted. I’m actually a bit introverted until I get to know someone.