There is a great conversation going on over on Dave Taylor’s blog regarding WordPress acting as a blog police by not allowing wordpress users to post sponsored or paid blog entries. I think I agree with Jason Preston’s comment:

I think’s actions, especially after the clarification, are completely reasonable.

They set up a service based on certain terms, and if you’re going to host a blog with them for free, you should be prepared to live with the fact that ultimately what happens to your blog is in their hands and at their discretion.

The same is true of all hosted services. If you want to spam and cheat and fill the internet with filth, don’t expect to get away with doing it on someone else’s dime.

In my opinion, the bottom line is wordpress can do whatever the hell they want. If you are trying to make money from blogging, it seems to me that you should at least be willing to pay $9.95 for a domain name and about $12 per month for web hosting. So don’t be mad at wordpress for not letting you make money using their free hosted platform.

  • It’s an especially good point when web hosting is so cheap and blog engines (yes, I mean WordPress) are free.

    If you’re going to do your own writing, then setting up a blog on your own terms is literally a $8/month venture.

  • Drew Meyers

    Totally agree. I don’t see any good counter-arguments. You gotta spend money to make money…

  • And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me sritaght.