There’s been some conversation/debate recently about the lack of Apple blogs in the blogosphere, which got me thinking…

Here’s an idea that I would love to see Apple act on (I’m not hopeful that they will though)-

  • Create a blog focusing on the Mac vs PC debate that is written by the Mac representative (guy on the right below) from the commercials
(just a jpg image- so don’t expect it to play- click the link below to view actualy commercials)


In my opinion, Apple has done a superb job with their “Get a Mac” commercials– partly because they have put a “face” on the debate. I don’t know who the represents the Mac in the commercials, but I now have a face to picture whenever I think of a Mac. However- I think extending the concept into a conversation in the blogosphere would be even more powerful. Why not have this conversation on a blog written by the Mac representative in the commercials? Here’s another conversation occurring on Netscape rather than Apple.

For instance, I would love answers to questions such as what’s his real name, is he a real Apple employee, what does he do at Apple? A blog would be a great way to move the conversation to a place where Apple has a voice in the debate(assuming he is actually an employee & not some hired actor). People relate with individual voices better than they can relate to institutional voices. I know I would participate in the debate if there was a blog where an individual spoke to the Mac vs PC debate. Set him up with a blog, have one of Apple’s content writers help him refine the posts, and make his voice apparent!

This strongly relates to a point that was made in Ben Edwards presentation on Friday at BBS– it’s all about letting go of control. Corporations cannot control their brand, only influence it.

That’s just my opinion- anyone else think the idea would work??

  • gb…

    “Why not have this conversation on a blog written by the Mac representative in the commercials?”

    Because he’s an actor reading lines.

    If you want answers to your questions, search the web. The answers are there. He’s a relatively famous actor, been in a few movies and tv shows, etc… Go ahead, try it… The web isn’t just for lame blog posts waiting for a commentor to give you the answers… You can find them for yourself too…

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  • Drew Meyers

    gb- That’s what I was afraid of (him being an actor). I think if they put a real employee in those commercials, it would have been a great opportunity to give consumers someone to relate to other than Steve Jobs. Too late now though since many already think of that actor when the word Mac comes up (at least I do). I did a couple searches and now know who who the actor is- Justin Long. Thanks for the comment.