I didn’t get to posting anything yesterday from the Blog Business Summit (long & busy day)- but here’s some brief notes from this morning’s breakfast session. If you want information in addition to this- check out Teresa’s notes over at Blog Business Summit.

Jeremy Pepper of POP! Public Relations, Jeanette Gibson from Cisco, and John Starweather from Microsoft participated in an interesting discussion about what bloggers will be trying to convince their bosses a few years from now.

Jeanette mentioned that consumers are starting to dictate their marketing message. Cisco has realized that they are not the generators of content anywhere- it’s about the community. The “Employee Experience Network” (an internal blog) is one thing Cisco has done to get feedback from employees. How to determine the buzz is a big question among corporate bloggers. She mentioned that it is a blessing that everything is becoming so open and transparent, which I agree with.

Jeremy mentioned that it is all about trying to reach the specific community you are interested in– wherever that community is on the web.

John brought up the fact that phones are going to be the future– there are 2 billion phones shipped each year vs 250 million PC’s (don’t know the exact numbers). That should tell you the magnitude of how the web will be changing. Live video casts from a phone are coming, which will be very cool. Us bloggers should be thinking about small screens and how to format our blogs to work on small screens.

One question that was brought up was- How do you pull in new bloggers and podcasters? Sure, there are the main influencers- but that second and third tier bloggers also have something interesting to say & influence a decent sized community. Are they worth reaching out to? I would say absolutely.

And to answer the question in the title- I would say live videocasts being published directly to vlogs. What do you think?