Well, sorry I don’t have much to add here, but go check out Guy Kawasaki’s blog post for his insights on the topic.

On a related note- It’s my view that small businesses/start-ups put too much emphasis into getting a patent. In my mind, it’s not a primary key to success. And further– even if I had a patent, but didn’t have a successful business, I would still not take a company to court over it trying to make money. Making money from a patent is not something that appeals to me because it is entirely about the money and it would require a lot of legal work. I’d rather focus my time on building a company than going to court in a patent lawsuit (where’s the challenge in that). My friend and I debate this quite often- so when I have more time, I’ll write a more detailed post about the subject. Where do you stand- does a patent make a company defensible?