Jasaon Calacanis mentioned that 2003 was when blogging really started to take off even though the concept has been around since about 1995. Why? The internet bubble bursted and many workers in the technology space lost their jobs and had time to play around with blogging. One thing Jason just mentioned is that he came to the realization a few years ago that talented people are no longer going to employable since they can make a great living working on their own with just a blog- minimal costs. That turned out to be why he got into blogging. He mentioned that Mark Cuban is a great investor to work with.

Bloggers are misfits- something interesting is Jason’s point that blogger’s content should not be edited. That’s what makes blogging great and that’s why it works!

One thing I related to is Jason’s point that business is all about finding incredible people and supporting the hell out of them.

Regarding bloggers who are frustrated and not an “A-Lister”, he said that “It’s (the blogosphere) not broken. You suck. How well you do in the blogosphere is up to YOU. No one else.”

Conclusion? Disclose everything as a blogger and do not deceive others. “Do not let anyone get inside the blog post.”

Jason also announced that PodTech and GoDaddy have agreed to pay $100,000 to sponsor Calacanis’ weekly podcast– money will go towards putting 2 kids into a private school in Brooklyn (interesting podcast if you’re interested). He is looking for more sponsors if anyone is interested- check his blog. “Social” media is upcoming. Jason proved to be a very personable speaker during the presentation, which consisted of mostly stories from during his beginnings with Weblogs, Inc and the early web days.