Being interested in social networking, this topic immediately caught my attenton.  Here’s some notes-

Tara Hunt talked about Commodity vs Community. Don’t be a commodity.


  • Takes time and patience
  • requires introspection, commitment and honesty
  • Need to stop outgoing messages & start listening to incoming messages (make yourself available)
  • Be open more than you are comfortable
  • Put community first- before profits
  • There will be chaos
  • It’ll be rewarding

Tips to Success:

  1. Increase the “win” for your customers
  2. Create open communication between customers
  3. Be real (I can’t stress this enough)
  4. Get a personality
  5. Reward your customers
  6. Be extraordinary

Betsy Aoki talked a little bit about the QnA community she is building. Let the community speak for itself- take the high road.

Elisa from BlogHer mentioned the following points that I found interesting-

  • building community is circular
  • It’s not enough to just ask the community what they want
  • Make sure to realize that not everyone will love your community- transparency is key (this topic keeps coming up)
  • Set the right expectations (super critical) from the outset
  • Community will tell you where to go- and go with you
  • Strong communities will self-police- take advantage of it (and benefit from the power of the community responding on your behalf)
  • Know your audience
  • Debate is good (as long as it doesn’t get into personal attacks)- people are engaged and interested. Have guidelines that promotes civil debates.

Once I have time to actually add my own thoughts on the subjects covered at the Blog Business Summit and spend some time putting them into words, I’ll post a summary- maybe not until this weekend though.