I checked Robert Scoble’s blog this morning, which pointed to an interesting podcast that included a disagreement between Jason Calacanis and Dana Gardner. Like Scoble, I’m in Jason’s corner on this one. In my opinion, Dana’s argument was a load of complete crap. He was trying to argue that Jason was being short-sighted by providing 4 kids a better education rather than focusing his efforts on fixing the system. Not everyone wants to deal with the politics of fixing a broken educational system and it shouldn’t be considered “evil” to help a few people where possible. The government is a very inefficient entity and since Jason  mentioned that he is someone who can’t stand inefficiencies, he would rather maximize his efficiency in time and money spent to help others. If everyone helped 4 people, this world would be a better place (like Jason says). Sorry for getting into politics- it’s a topic I try to stay away from, but I thought Dana’s argument was so bad I had to comment.