The Forward Blog has a great post that lists 15 tips to being a good blogger (credit for tips go to Scoble). I think tip #1 is the primary reason that good bloggers are hard to find-

Blog because you want to. Don’t blog because you feel like you should, because everyone else is, or because someone else tells you that you should.

There are certainly a lot of great bloggers in the blogosphere. However, with the rise of blogging networks, more and more people are looking for bloggers to blog on their network. And since content is king…that means GOOD bloggers. It’s not easy to find passionate bloggers, so if you’re starting a blog network (or looking to expand your current one)- spend the effort to find great bloggers.

  • Hey Drew — another good tip someone gave me for finding good bloggers to add to your network: find people who aren’t blogging yet. The point is that they won’t have to either abandon their own blog or split their time between the two, and many times you’ll find that your most frequent and best bloggers are those that had never blogged before you introduced them to it.

  • Drew Meyers

    I totally agree with that point. Though I think it’s somewhat difficult to find good bloggers that are not blogging yet, you’re right- people should try because it will be hard to get current bloggers to abandon their own blogs.