• Ben

    Thank you!
    I will have a look at these! I asume that these can be used in other forms of online communities as well?
    I am having a lot of trouble getting my forum of the ground. The site has been running since may, and i only have 20 registered users on my forum. That would have been fine, but they register, make a few posts then never come back. My aim is to have the forum self sustaining. If I get busy with work and dont get time to go on my forum i dont want the forum to die. WIll give all of this a try
    Thank You!

  • Drew Meyers

    Here are two links that you might want to check out- http://www.theadminzone.com/index.php and http://communityadmin.thepodcastnetwork.com/

    Just stay focused on building relationships with your users and providing them value. They need a reason to come back to the site. Building a community takes a lot of time and nurturing. Your forum will always need moderators to keep people on topic and engaged- so identify your “mavens” in your community as early as possible and make sure they feel valued. As you grow, you can start to appoint moderators to help you manage the forum. Best of luck!