Fred at A VC wrote an interesting post today about “Why Ads in Feeds Matter.” I totally agree with the following point-

If you want to reach them, you have to be in the feed. Ads on sites are nice. But if you want to reach the heart of the blog world, you gotta be in the feed too.

One comment was particularly relevant to this conversation.

Though I have to admit, as a reader I will find it annoying. So extra care needs to be taken to ensure that the ads are non intrusive like Google’s

As I find more and more blogs that I like, I have started using a feed reader to track everything rather than browsing to every blog I read everyday. I use MyYahoo! right now, but I can see that changing- possibly I’ll try out Attensa soon? Any other suggestions? Anyways- yes, to reach the heart of the blogosphere and particularly the influencers, you HAVE to be in the feeds (IMO). My guess is 98% of the people who are extremely networked (valuable) use feed readers to save them time- the only way to effectively reach them is to be seen in their feed reader. I don’t see CPM and CPC advertising on blogs dropping off the face of the earth- but I think some advertisers will start to realize the benefits of advertising in the feeds. However, the comment above is dead on- advertisers better be careful to not be intrusive with their ads. I don’t even think we’ve hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of people using feed readers, though I think it will happen soon. When it happens, advertisers will have to adapt…so at least start thinking about “feedvertising” soon.