This is a great example of how engaging in the conversation can go wrong– by NOT engaging at all! I thought I’d point this out to those of you working for companies that are not engaging in the blogosphere as an example of something that should NOT happen. Mashable, which just happens to be about the most widely read blog covering social networking, just posted about MySpace (recently criticized for shutting out developers) blocking Stickam links by saying,

today I logged in to MySpace and realized that all links to Stickam are being blocked. If you try to link to anywhere on your profile – either inserting a widget or using a plain old link, it will be removed.

Pete even asked for a response from Myspace on this issue:

So the question is: do they see Stickam as a threat? Do they have some kind of webcam product in the works? More crucially: are there any MySpace codes that were blocked and never reinstated, simply because the provider was too small at the time and bloggers didn’t get wind of the story? I’m a massive fan of MySpace, and I know that some of the MySpace employees read this blog, so I’d be interested to know if there’s a strategy here.

Myspace– This conversation will happen with or without you, so I’d urge that you participate and get your side of the story told. Answer Pete’s post and let us know what is going on. This could get out of control very quickly among other bloggers if they don’t see a response from you–soon! If there is one blog you should be watching like a hawk, this is it!

12:28 AM Pacific Standard Time- No response from Myspace

Update: 8:04 AM Pacific Standard Time- Still no response

Update: 5:32 PM Pacific Standard Time- Still no response that I see. I’m going to give up on tracking this, but please leave a comment if you know of a place myspace has addressed this issue.

  • Kim

    MySpace is being really stupid. Stickam is a great product and it’s growing so fast hopefully it will just eat MySpace like a snake eats a deer.