I guess the news from Facebook just keeps on coming. The latest? They are going insert viral advertisements in those “newsfeeds” that caused such a riot. One thing that probably would have caused an uproar was that, “When one user clicks on an advertisement in their feeds, all of that user’s friends will be notified that the ad was clicked on and will be given an opportunity to join a group led by the advertiser”. However, Techcrunch just posted an update (below)-

Update: Melanie Deitch, Facebook’s Director of Marketing, emailed to tell us that the MediaWeek story we linked to below was incorrect and that in fact, no unsolicited notices will be sent. Only users who have elected to join a sponsored group will be notified when friends in that group click one of the group’s ads. That’s good.

Facebook has to make money somehow…and sponsored groups seem like a logical step in social networking. As long as the system is opt-in, I am all in favor. It is when companies start shoving unwanted features in the face of the user that leads to trouble.