This concept just grabbed me when I stumbled on this post last night after work. I did some more research and found Techweb’s article “The Virtual World Goes on Sale Tuesday.” It sure seems a bit risky, but the potential for a large pay-off is there in my opinion. Basically, Weblo is SecondLife– but with real property. In the weblo world, you can buy states, internet domains names (all non-trademarked domains are up for grabs all over again), become the manager for a celebrity, buy properties for roughly $2, and become the mayor or governor. The thing Weblo has on secondlife is that the common person won’t have trouble grasping what they are buying because, since everything is based on real world items, they have heard of everything in the Weblo world.

Will some entrepreneuers jump head over heals into the fire early on waiting for the pay-off later? I would guess so. I’ll probably buy a couple things and see how it goes. The virtual land grab starts at 12 pm ET on the 25th (if you are pre-registered) when they wipe their databases clean. Are you going to get in on the action? Rumors are $25,000 has been sent in to buy Ottawa and there is a waiting list to buy New York.

  • Rob

    Hey… Is Weblo a scam? Any luck with it?

    I tried to buy a couple of things on it and it wouldn’t work. My account reads $0.000 even after making a small deposit through Paypal.

    It seemed like a cool idea so I figured I’d try it out but I was clearly aware that there are/were signs that this could turn out to be shady. Now that it’s not working, I’m shaking my head.

    Any feedback much appreciated.


  • Drew Meyers

    I just purchased a couple of things and it worked for me. I’m going to see how it plays out- who knows if this will get any pick-up or not.

  • swede

    hey rob and drew.
    I bought mt rushmore…and the alamo.
    and a few domains.
    but someone has also bought one of my properties….very hokey.
    when I go to report the error…no dice.
    so it could be a scam.

  • Drew Meyers

    I’m not ruling out that possibility. I’m willing to give it a little more time for them to work things out on their end. Please let me know how your situation plays out.

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