Check out this interesting post from Mark Cuban. In short- youtube is in for a load of expensive legal lawsuits in the coming months/years and Cuban mentions this about youtube-

Take away all the copyrighted material and you take away most of Youtube’s traffic. Youtube turns into a hosting company with a limited video portal. Like any number of competitors out there that decided to follow copyright law

John Battelle thinks Cuban’s post “has the PR folks at YouTube in full battle mode” and I tend to agree with him. I just don’t see how youtube is going to stay away from lawsuit after lawsuit unless they strike deals with every copyright holder in the world- Cuban made the good comparison that youtube is similar to the early version of napster (before the music industry knew what hit them).  Though youtube did strike a deal with Warner, they have MANY more deals to go before they are out of the woods. If youtube doesn’t get everyone on board, it’ll be interested to see how swiftly the video industry reacts in the coming months.

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