I just wanted to briefly mention a post that I found in my browsing tonight on the Ramblings in Utopia blog regarding a single sign on. It really is weird that no one has conquered this MASSIVE problem of not being able to sign on to any site with the same user name and password. I understand there are issues to creating a single sign on, most notably, the issue of trust. Who gets to control this? Microsoft couldn’t make it work with their passport. Everyone sees the problem, but nothing has worked to date.

What needs to happen for someone to do this? Have great developers not touched the issue? The biz guys? A great team of biz gurus and techies to tackle the problem? Seriously, if someone cracks this nut- I’ll pay $10 or $15 a month to not have the headache of multiple web accounts. I’ve got something like 8 e-mail addresses with different accounts on different e-mail addresses. I try to use the same password, but I’m overloaded. I don’t see how anyone will lose with the adoption of a single sign on system across the web. Anyone up for the challenge? I don’t have the answer, but someone out there must.

  • Thanks for the link, it was just something that was getting to me last week :o)

    It still amazes me every time I see a link to something I’ve written, thanks :o)