I know, a bit of Facebook overkill recently, but what can you do when a company keeps putting out news? The most recent news? Facebook is going to open up their registration to anyone and everyone by adding 500 geographic regions for people to associate themselves with. No longer will people be required to have a .edu domain name (or more recently- one of about a thousand corporate e-mail domains facebook added). Facebook’s exclusivity was a big reason that it proved so popular with many of its loyal users. The main reason I don’t like Myspace is that it is littered with spam. Business Week reported on this news that Techcrunch and Mashable both mentioned earlier today.

Will this be a smart move for facebook? I’m not totally convinced yet. I believe there is a better way to expand than letting anyone and everyone sign up- slow expansion. Add e-mail domain networks for every company they can find, but don’t let just ANYONE sign up. I’ll be interested to see how quickly SPAM creeps into the facebook system once the new registration options are updated. Sure, this will enable facebook to expand their users relatively quickly, but is it the best move in the long haul? Do they really want to compete with myspace? Can they really compete? It looks like we may find out.