Since today marks the 5 year anniversary of 9/11, there has been lots of blog chatter about this today.

I still remember where I was when I heard the news- sitting in my car at Plateau Golf Club waiting for the opening manager to arrive so I could get in the building. As I hardly ever listen to the radio in my car, my co-worker notified me of the morning’s events when he arrived. I have to admit, I thought he was kidding…until I went in to the clubhouse and started watching CNN. I have so many thoughts on this issue, but having trouble putting them together. Therefore, I’ll attempt to let other people do that talking- Here are some great comments I’ve found in the blogosphere regarding 9/11:

Andru Edwards
If you have someone you care about, call them today.  If you have someone you are angry at, forgive them and move on.  If you have someone you miss, send them an email.  If you have someone you haven’t thought of in a while, think of them, whether they are with us today or not.  9/11 proved, all too grim, that life is far too short.  Embrace it and live it, enjoy it, don’t squander it.  Don’t forget those who add to your happiness and appreciate them, all of them, because you never know when you might find out they are gone forever.

Fred’s House
I don’t think any Americans could ever forget where they were when they heard the news about the attacks on the World Trade Center, 5 years ago today. We were at home, getting ready for school and work as usual, until we saw what was happening on TV and time just sort of stopped. Watching some of the saturation coverage last night, the replays and the families stories and the where-are-they-nows, I was surprised at how haunting and immediate it felt, and how completely I was emotionally transported back to that morning in 2001.

Peter Cohan
A few hours after the attacks, I was on the phone to Amey Stone, then of BusinessWeek Online, discussing their possible effects on the economy and markets. I felt a mixture of sorrow, fear and defiance as we discussed these relatively trivial topics on that historic day.