I happened to find the Charles Barkley interview with Chris Meyers on television today while I recovering from a great night watching The Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge last night. Though Barkley often gets himself in trouble with his mouth, you have to respect the fact that he is always fair and honest. There are two main things from the interview that I think are worth noting:



  1. I agree with Barkley’s point that Democrats have wasted way too much time criticizing President Bush and not enough time figuring out their own game plan. We are two years away from an election and the Democrats don’t have a clear plan or even a front-runner as of yet. Barkley’s preference for the Democratic nomination- Barack Obama (who I would love to see run as well).
  2. Barkley spoke a little bit about his friendship with Tiger Woods. They both seem to realize that they are not rich and famous just to continue making more money- they are rich and famous for a higher purpose. Barkley’s view is he should use his money and influence to to help others- such as his personal donation of $1 million in houses to Hurrican Katrina victims. Basketball has given him a life that he never would have imagined and he is grateful.