This is somewhat old news, but it’s a great example viral marketing- created a video titled “Going to Work for Subway” and uploaded it to youtube. What happened? The video has been talked about all over the blogosphere. It really doesn’t matter if the video was lame or if it was awesome. The video spread rapidly across the internet just by being uploaded to youtube. To me, NAILED viral marketing. Subway AND (as well as youtube) got tons of free press out of this.

  • I tried sitting through this and couldnt even give it 30 secs of my attention span..was like reading a thesis on the theory of relativity. yeesh!! The point on viral markeitng I definitely see. Thanks for sharing.

  • Drew Meyers

    Personally, I didn’t think it was that bad. Another thing that is interesting is that aggregated all the content that was a result of the video and created this web page (, “what exactly is viral marketing?” If you didn’t get far enough into the video, there was a corny line where one of the employees said, “when we roll, we roll big”-> that’s the reason for the URL