In short- I doubt it. Bloggers have got hold of this one– A judge in Brazil has ordered Google to disclose the data of Orkut users’ who have been accused of crimes such as child pornagraphy. If Google doesn’t comply? A fine of roughly $30,000 per day for each individual case. I’m not sure where I stand on this one, as there are definitly two sides to this. Sure, the data is only being requested for those accused of crimes and could help put away criminals. On the other hand, from a legal perspective (though I’m no lawyer), if Google complies with one case like this- the precedent will be set for governments far and wide. The clock is ticking…15 days for Google to decide before being subject to the fines…

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  • Wanderley

    That cat is already out of the bag, and it was the USA that started it all, when this country got to bring an Australian citizen to the USA for trial on Internet piraty charges:

    Under the reciprocity concept, should Brazil now be allowed to take Google USA to court over there?

    The worse is yet to come. Imagine if Australia asks the USA to extradite an American citizen because his website broke an Australian law. Or how about being extradited to Iran because you read a book their law prohibits you to read?

    We’re blindly marching into a World where your rights live only at the small intersection left alone by all the World’s laws.