I’ve touched on the subject before here and here, but an interesting post on Mike’s Points called “Blogging beyond your richest dreams” brings me to the subject of reasons to blog again. I definitely find myself in Mike’s camp on a couple of points:

  • “I blog because it makes me think more“- blogging allows me to write and brainstorm about subjects that I find interesting relating to business and technology (among other things).
  • “I blog because I learn more about my profession”- I have a very entrepreneurial mind and I’m always thinking of new business ideas. I’m truly interested in almost every topic related to business- from HR to Public Relations to marketing. Blogging (and reading other blogs) is certainly a great way to learn quickly from knowledgeable people!
  • “I blog for on-the-job training“- No doubt you’ve heard many people say it- business is all about who you know. Blogging is a great way to build relationships with great people. Besides, becoming a skilled writer never hurt anyone, did it?



Why do you blog? For the money? the fame? the collaboration? the relationships? the vast knowledge base to tap into? the “love of the blog”? to keep track of your personal thoughts? or maybe you just want to cause controversy? Whatever the reason, the blogosphere welcomes people with all types of motivations. Blog on!