I’m a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan (can’t even tell you how many times I’ve listened to their newest album), and I bought tickets to the Fresno show a little prematurely a couple months ago. Turns out I couldn’t make it down to Cali from the great Pacific Northwest. I tried using StubHub and Craigslist to sell my tickets. So, given the show is tomorrow, I’m going to see if viral marketing can work its magic!

Here’s the trigger: you can get 4 tickets for (almost) FREE! I don’t want any money out of this, but I would strongly urge whoever I award the tickets to contribute something (time or money) to your favorite charity.

The tickets are PDF e-tickets and were sent to me via e-mail from Ticketmaster, so I will forward them to the person that sends me the most inspirational e-mail by 12 pm PST tomorrow morning!

How to participate & get 4 free tickets:

Send an e-mail to freetickets@drewmeyersinsights.com with 2 sentences explaining why I should award you these tickets. Remember, my goal is to award these to someone who will give their time or money to charity.

Hopefully this amazing Web 2.0 world can help me turn the $250 I spent into a contribution to charity. Good Luck!

UPDATED: It just dawned on my that some of you looking for tickets may not want to wait until 12:00 tomorrow to find out if you will be awarded these 4 tickets or not. I reserve the right to end the “contest” before 12 tomorrow if I receive a particularly inspiring e-mail from someone. Of course, I will then write a quick blog post mentioning that the tickets are no longer available.