Salesforce is at or near the top of the list of web companies making an impact on businesses around the world today. They certainly have a scaleable product– just add new databases to support new users. Their open API has led to a wealth of add-on programs being developed that add to salesforce’s functionality. They are setting their sites on $1 billion in revenue. How are they going to get there? Part of it may be this- today, they announced that they will have an AppExchange (add-on to salesforce) called Salesforce for Google Adwords available for $300 per month to Salesforce users. What does it do?

Salesforce for Google AdWords provides complete integration with Google advertising campaigns. Use Salesforce to create new Google campaigns, and then track exactly which ads and keywords generate leads, opportunities, and revenue.” (Source)

Helping businesses determine ROI? Sounds like a good thing to me. I’m sure integration with Adwords is only going to increase their already large user base of paying subscribers (last figure I saw was 501,000 users).