It seems so many sites are trying to become your online identity, but no one has done it…YET. Enter, which aims to become that for people by aggregating your blog’s content along with other information it collects about you including links, Flickr photos, and Youtube videos. The goals of the service? It hopes to enable people to:

  • Be Found
  • Gather
  • Share
  • Promote
  • Build
  • Discover
  • Find
  • Connect

It still all comes down to achieving critical mass if Ziki wants to take advantage of the social networking aspects it hopes to, though it could still serve a lesser purpose for people using it to maintain their digital identity. You can see MyZiki here (though I just set it up and I haven’t added everything yet). I’ll elaborate a bit more once I play around with it enough to get a feel for its functionality. I learned about the service from Joel Burslem’s blog, Future of Real Estate Marketing.