I just noticed a blog post by Robert Scoble with 72 comments (that’s a lot)! Talk about vibrant conversation on a blog- the post is almost the definition of vibrant by itself. I stumbled on Scoble’s post through this post that cited an interesting quote from Scoble-

I’ll tell you what executives from big companies (like Kraft, Procter and Gamble, GM, and others) who were at MSN’s OWN ADVERTISING CONFERENCE told me. An influencer is worth THOUSANDS of times more than a non-influencer (influencer is someone who tells other people stuff, which is why blogging is getting so much advertising attention lately).”

If you’ve read Scoble’s book, you probably know the power of mavens, connectors, and salesmen. If not, well- I’ll have to do a book summary pretty soon for you.