I came across this post about teaching others about blogging, which got me thinking about what percentage of people actually “get” blogging? I would argue not very many outside of the tech field.

I certainly realize blogging is not for everyone. Partly due to this fact, I often find it difficult to explain blogging to some of my non-tech savy friends. They wonder why I would possibly waste time blogging away on my computer about business and technology. However, I just found this blog post about how blogging can help your career that I might reference sometime in the future to answer those questions in simple terms they can understand. The #1 benefit the post mentions? Blogging creates a network. Blogging seems to connect like minded and passionate people- which is the real reason I started blogging. Chances are, bloggers in the business and technology space have interests that closely align to my own, so who better to connect with than biz/tech bloggers? If you are a networking guru, I’m guessing that you blog. On that note, I would guess people who don’t realize the power of networking probably don’t get blogging either.

There are obviously people out there reading blogs, so until that changes (probably never) and as long as I have something meaningful to say, I’ll probably keep blogging!