Referring to corporate blogging, Matt Heaten at Bluehost definitely does “gets it.” I’m not a bluehost user (I use dreamhost), but apparently the hosting service has experienced its share of problems over the past two months. Matt blogged about what the issues have been and what he has done to correct them for bluehost customers.


This quote really stuck out to me- “The last 2 months we have been REALLY bad. I know many potential clients read this blog, but I have to be honest with our existing clients that we have been less than great the last 2 months and the problems lie squarely on my shoulders.”

It is great to hear a CEO be so honest with his customers and be willing to acknowledge his mistakes. Being transparent and reachable (there are 25 responses to the post as of today) is vital in this day and age when people are feeling “sold” everywhere they go. Generally, consumers that experience problems want to hear an apology and know what is being done to correct the problems- Matt did both.

And if I ever happen to move hosting services…you can sure bet that bluehost will probably be the 1st company I consider.