With the rise of open API’s, is Web 2.0 changing?

Fred Wilson at A VC had some very interesting comments today in his Business Development 2.0 post regarding open API’s, including to state the importance of implementation. With Facebook’s recent launch of Facebook Developers, Zillow’s Open API (disclosure- I work there), and Yahoo Answers API being announced in the past month or so, it is clear the web is opening up. It seems to be all about being “everywhere” on the web to bring brand exposure. Afterall, if Yahoo Answers is already being used in a variety of applications across the web, it becomes that much harder for another competitor to enter the market.

A whole new wave of mashups are bound to result from sites using a variety of open API’s and stitching them together in a new and cool way. All you have to do is look the number of API’s Google has to realize that other sites are going to follow similar paths. Why? Because Google is King right now and everyone wants to emulate the “big dog.”