Sure, I am fascinated with business and technology- particularly when you put them together. However, I am a strong supporter of philanthropy efforts that can really make a difference. I’m going to pick and choose my spots on this blog to promote ONE and other efforts I may undertake in the future, so don’t hate me for it. If you are going to read this blog, you will have to read my non-biz posts too– so you may as well enjoy them!

What does ONE aim to do/change?

“ONE aims to help Americans raise their voice as ONE against the emergency of AIDS and extreme poverty, so that decision makers will do more to save millions of lives in the poorest countries.”

Unlike many non-profits, ONE is asking for your VOICE, not your money. Even without donating money, you are not powerless to make a difference in the fight against poverty and aids. My friend and I have taken up the responsibility to spread awareness in Seattle by being moderators of the SeattleONE group. If you reside in Seattle, please join the effort.

Please join the campaign by taking action:

I applaud Yahoo for working with ONE to create a great new website for the campaign that was launched June 16. You can even add you picture to the main page via Flickr! At the time of this post, there were 2,391,022 people that had signed the Declaration. If even one person signs due to this post (hopefull a lot more), it was well worth the effort.

  • If this program were to be truly helpful and not just gush with feel good plans for using other people’s money, in my view, it would be promoting economic freedom rather than more government, more politics and more billions of dollars delivered to corrupt oppressive governments. Poverty abounds in African countries because socialism and corrupt dictators abound. There will be no reduction in poverty by promoting good intentions and nice, mushy sentiments. Reduction in poverty will come only from the same source that every society rises out of poverty: economic freedom, strong property rights, and the ability of the people to accumulate wealth without confiscation. is just another political action campaign for redistribution of wealth. It is a promoter of the United Nations agenda, which is global socialism, not poverty reduction.

  • Daniel-
    Are you at least going to mention a few possible solutions? Complaining about something without offering solutions is a pointless endeavor sure to get you no where.

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