Just an FYI- this was originally posted July 1 on the blog I used to write on. Since I thought it was one of the more interesting posts there, I wanted to transfer it over so new readers on this blog can find it.  

This is just my personal opinion obviously, but I am sick of MySpace. There are so many shortcomings to the site, I can’t even begin to mention them all.

My gripes:

  • For starters, why the heck is there no way to see my friends that have recently updated their profile. I know many people on Myspace just look at everyone’s profiles to see if there is anything new. Myspace should take note that on Facebook, it is extremely simple to look at recently updated profiles of your friends (and see how long ago they were updated). There is no reason I should have to browse every profile to try to find new content to look at. Afterall, who is interested in looking at content that they have already seen?
  • Their servers are slow/crappy. What more can you say? I’d really like to meet someone that uses Myspace regularly that has not experienced site difficulties in the past week. Tom should at least come up with a better message to display than “Servers are too busy” (can’t remember exact wording- but I know it is nothing creative)
  • There is so much crap on Myspace. Fake profiles, people with 5 profiles, numerous band profiles, etc. Why not at least distinguish between music and friend profiles? When browsing through my “friends”, I don’t care about the bands that are among my friends. If I wanted to look at bands, I should be able to browse through all the bands in my friend list.
  • Way too many damn ads!
  • Did Myspace learn nothing from Friendster? Seriously, can Myspace be any dumber? My friend had his band profile “nuked” this week for unknown violations of the terms of use. Deleting profiles is the worst thing Myspace could possibly do. The fact that they are resorting to this already is a horrible sign. Users that get their profiles unfairly deleted are going to tell everyone they know. Have fun trying to earn those users back.

Myspace can easily lose their market share if another site (facebook, Yahoo 360, MSN Spaces, etc) comes along and becomes the “place to be”. I think the downfall is going to happen sooner than everyone thinks. The fact that they are deleting profiles is stunning. I would have thought they were smarter than that….but I guess not. It’s really a shame they haven’t figured out how to monetize the site effectively with over 50 million users.