I came across this interesting post on the Entrepreneurs’ Viewpoint Blog tonight. Charles Jolley, the CEO of Sproutit.com, was interviewed. One valuable take away is that he re-affirmed my opinion that people really are the most important thing to a business.

  • As the leader in your company, what’s hot on your “to do” list?
  • Jolley: “We just moved back to Silicon Valley from Prague in the Czech Republic. One of the big reasons we did that is that we’re trying to step up in order to deliver some of these new products we’re working on for small businesses. What’s pretty hot on my “to do” list is getting know the right people in this area so we can hire people and get the right product and do it really quickly. We thrive on building the products and responding quickly to customer needs, and to do that you need people.”

Afterall, he moved his company from Prague (last I checked, that was halfway around the world– so quite a move) to Silicon Valley to be in an environment with people on the cutting edge of technology. If you don’t have smart people working with you, your business doesn’t stand a chance.